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Ecorain Tanks


Water filtration occurs through a permeable surface above the EcoRain Tank™. Suspended sediments such as silt and trash remain on the surface, filtered out before water enters the system. This ensures that there is nothing to clean out of the Tank.


When a catchment basin is used, maintenance is relegated to the removal of gross pollutants from the catch basin.

A catch basin is designed to handle the appropriate volume of water and will not allow trash or large sediments to enter the EcoRain Tank™.


Should it be required by an Engineer, EcoRain® Tanks™ can be designed with clean out/flushing points to remove any possible accumulation of sediment. The Clean-out portal has a six-inch round hole at the centre base of the plate to accommodate a camera and a high-pressure hose. Water can be flushed through the tank by inserting a high-pressure hose through the portal on one end and by use of a vacuum, remove it out of the opposite end.

When using a Clean-out Portal, ERS recommends an annual inspection of the tank. If necessary, a tank flush can be carried out at that time.

Features at a glance

  • Onsite Stormwater Management
  • Environmentally friendly – made from selected 100% Recycled Polypropylene
  • Recharges Groundwater Table through the principle of infiltration
  • Mitigates downstream flooding
  • Site space utilization and minimum site disruption
  • Economical and Low system and reduces liability issues
  • Modular Structure for design flexibility
  • Heavy load carrying capacity
  • Supplied in Kit form for ease in transportation
  • The high void surface ratio for quicker infiltration
  • Lightweight, so no heavy machinery or high volume labour required

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Area Calculator:

You need to order 7 Ram Board rolls to cover an area of 200m2