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SmartBoard is a reversible, solid decking, which is made from 90% recycled materials, 60% recycled pine and 30% recycled PE from shampoo bottles, making Smartboard one of the most sustainable choices when it comes to choosing your Decking solution.

With an appealing, tactile brushed matt finish creating a more natural surface than most composite alternatives. It’s also one of the only composite decking solutions on the market to have zero movements during hot/cold temperature fluctuations, allowing for a more accurate, detailed installation, whilst eliminating the risk of cracking, bowing and bending.

Available in three stylish matt contemporary, UV stable colours, that come with our own colour-matched carbon screws, that will last for years to come. ‘Chocolate Brown’ is similar in appearance to dark tropical hardwoods. ‘Battle Ship Grey’ and ‘Slate’ sit at either end of the grey spectrum and complement the growing trend for dark bi-fold doors and garden furniture. SmartBoard is a composite deck with all the benefits of solid wood and traditional decking but without the maintenance and more! Why not use the smooth side to create a contrasting picture frame border. Unlike another composite decking, SmartBoard makes finishing the vertical edge of your deck easy and smart. The solid profile and special formulation of SmartBoard mean it can be screw fixed just like timber decking. This allows you to frame your deck for a stunning finish, more generally only possible with solid wood or traditional decking.

Features at a glance:

+ Environmentally friendly
+ 90% recycled wood fibres & PE from shampoo bottles
+ Doesn’t look, smell or feel plastic
+ 25-year residential/15-year Commercial warranty
+ Zero movements during hot/cold temperature swings
+ Complete system inc screws and Hex included
+ UV stable – long-lasting colour in 3 shades
+ Custom Colours available – *subject to MOQ
+ Low risk of a slip surface
+ Easy to clean and maintain
+ Authorised and trained installers available for Installations

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Area Calculator:

You need to order 7 Ram Board rolls to cover an area of 200m2