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Ram Board Fit-Out Board™

The first of its kind. Introducing a durable, temporary floor protection board that is uniquely crafted for the ‘Fit-Out’ professional. With corrugated card and/or Polythene sheets proving to be unreliable due to tearing and potential floor stains, Ram Board has developed safe and superior floor protection for your renovation or fit-out projects. Before beginning your next project, invest in Painter’s Board (Fit-Out Board) from Ram Board today.

Features at a glance

  • Uniquely crafted for renovation & Fit-out works
  • Thicker than corrugated paper
  • Spill Guard® technology (water/liquid resistant)
  • Non-staining
  • 88.9cm width fits doorways and halls/overlap for larger walkways
  • Available in a retail 4 & 9 pack
  • Size: 88.9 cm x 15.24 m (13.54 m2 + longer rolls coming soon)

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Area Calculator:

You need to order 7 Ram Board rolls to cover an area of 200m2