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Eco-rainwater Filter Seperator

EcoRain/Eco-rainwater Filter Separator FROM ECORAIN/Eco-rainwater Systems

EcoRain and Eco-rainwater systems have focused over the years on supplying Modular Tanks and drainage Cells, in keeping with the “turnkey” requirements of contractors.

ERS is now able to supply their new Separator screens which can be installed in ‘in situ” build manholes before the water reaches our Modular Tanks.

Features at a glance

  • Easily removable screens that can be cleaned as and when required
  • Cost effective filtration system
  • The separator separates gross pollution or trash from the water entering the Modular tanks
  • It filters gross pollution or trashes down to 1300 microns
  • A secondary STAINLESS STEEL mesh screen filters water to 500 microns at the entry point before water reaches the Modular Tank
  • Only “dust like” particles smaller than 500 micron will be entering the Modular Tank, therefore, the water in the Modular Tank is very clean of any gross pollutants or trash
  • These STAINLESS STEEL screens are supplied in many sizes for domestic and commercial needs
  • ERS can now supply a complete system of STAINLESS STEEL screens to the standard size or as specified by Engineers and Architects
  • The manhole is built “in situ” therefore it is easy and simple to install with EcoRain supplying only the screens and STAINLESS STEEL runners for them.

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Area Calculator:

You need to order 7 Ram Board rolls to cover an area of 200m2