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Ram Board withstood months of foot traffic, forklifts, Bobcats and more, protecting the 492,000 sq.ft. of flooring at the Modera Lofts renovation project.

Ram Board for Modera Lofts Renovation


Modera Lofts, Luxury Multifamily
Community – Jersey City, N


Minno & Wasko
Architiects – Lambertville, NJ

Cube 3 Studio
Designer – Lawrence, MA


Mill Creek Residential Trust – Dallas, TX


Speedwell Design – Morristown, NJ


Ram Board® 38”x100’
Ram Board Seam Tape®


• 1,200 rolls of Ram Board
• 600 rolls of Ram Board Seam Tape


Mill Creeks’ plan was to transform the Morgan Industrial Center into a community of 366 loft-style luxury apartment homes. They wanted to protect 492,000 sq. ft. original wood floor while renovating the building. They needed to find something to protect the floor that was not as heavy or bulky than 4’x8’ sheets of Masonite but stronger than red rosin paper. 


Speedwell Design installed Ram Board on the wood floors of the entire building. Ram Board was down for months standing up to foot traffic, forklifts, Bobcats and more. Upon completion, NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) awarded Modera Lofts (Jersey City, NJ) with the Best in American Living Gold Award and second place in the Pillars of the Industry Award for Best Adaptive Reuse.